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What Do We Need Foreign Languages for? / Страница: 1

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Why Do We Learn English Language? Some time ago some newspaper reporter called the modem Earth "a world village". It really means that year by year the earth is getting smaller with the development of communication and increase in international trade. People of different countries and nations have to get along well with the progress in world trade and technology as well as with each other. So, it is very useful to learn foreign languages. "Knowledge is power", one of the great men said. Speaking a foreign language you can not only read the papers, magazines and original books by great writers, but as well watch satellite TV programs, travel in the different parts of the world. Besides, understanding and speaking a foreign language or two became necessary while looking for a good job. First English language became widely spoken in the world with the rise of British empire. Then success of American industry and the growth of exports in technologies cause increase in circulation of the language. And the third factor of the last decades is remarkable boom in computer-related equipment and technologies as well as the influence of British and American pop culture and video films. Fortunately, I began learning English even before I could understand the importance of speaking and understanding it. Now I know that it is very useful for a XXI century professional no matter what field you are in. The world is getting smaller and international connections tighter. One can not do well without one of the common European languages. I learn English because I want to read Alan Milne and Ernest Hemingway in their native language. I like Oscar Wilde and Lewis Carroll. They are quite different when translated. Besides, I like to travel. Speaking English, I shall have no problems looking for a room or a meal anywhere in the world. I like to talk and make friends with people from different countries. Last autumn I became a member of the Moscow City Pen-Pal Club and now 1 have much pleasure writing letters to my Swiss and American pen-friends. 1 hope, some day we shall meet each other and have a good time in Moscow. There are also international friendship camps both in Russia and abroad where you can meet boys and girls from around the world. They do not often can speak Russian which is much more difficult to learn than English. In a word, I understand that I have to learn English hard and in a proper way. Перевод текста: Why Do We Learn English Language? Некоторое время назад некоторый газетный репортер назвал Землю модема "мировой деревней". Это действительно означает, что год за годом земля становится меньшей с развитием коммуникации и увеличения международной торговли. Люди различных стран и наций должны прожить хорошо с продвижением мировой торговли и технологии так же как друг с другом. Так, очень полезно изучить иностранные языки. "Знание - власть", сказал один из больших мужчин. Разговор иностранного языка Вы можете не только прочитать бумаги, журналы и оригинальные

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